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Choosing a tracker for mobile app analytics

A tracker is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of an affiliate that helps in running mobile marketing campaigns. After all, analytics is the foundation on which your promotion rests. First of all, you need to choose a mobile analytics and tracking system. There are a lot of options: analytics and tracking applications are constantly […]

Tier 1 vs Tier 3: differences in creatives and approaches to work

Experts predict significant growth in the online gambling market in the coming years. If in 2023 the volume of this market amounted to $73.2 billion, by 2032 it is expected to increase to $172.5 billion. Shouldn’t we focus our attention and efforts on this sphere?  In this article, we will discuss the latest trends in […]

What are slots for and how to choose the most catchy one?

Every affiliate has at least once seen the number of slots after registering at a casino. Usually players choose between fast games, slots and varieties of wheels of fortune. From the variety of choices, about 20% of players get lost and leave the casino. Or they choose unsuccessful slots, on which they lose their first […]

Prelending and how to use it

The main task (and dream) of an affiliate is to generate leads, recoup the advertising budget and get to a good plus. For this purpose, there are a lot of tools to not only keep the attention of users, but also to push them to make those target actions that the affiliate needs. But not […]

RevShare payment model and peculiarities of working with it

Affiliate programs offer to drive traffic to offers with different payment models – for a targeted action, confirmed order, active player and so on. Sellers avoid spending on ineffective advertising, and affiliates, in turn, receive money for attracted users. As a result, everyone is on the plus side. In the article we will tell about […]

How do I unblock my Facebook account?

Having your account blocked is not a very pleasant experience. Facebook* carefully monitors violations of the rules and if it detects such actions, it blocks the account. Of course, there are cases of erroneous blocking. In any case, you want to deal with it quickly and get your account back, especially if you use it […]

How to pour on gambling-offers with YouTube Shorts?

Nowadays, scrolling the feed and watching short videos has become a daily routine: TicToc, Reels, VK Clips are popular not only with young people, but in general have a huge audience of all ages.  In 2021, YouTube Shorts got their official release and began to rapidly gain popularity and millions of views, but mostly with […]

Why does an advertiser reject and not pay for my traffic?

Both a beginner and an experienced webmaster can face the fact that traffic is rejected partially or completely. Against this background, the motivation is lost, because if you have done everything right, while spending a lot of effort, time and money, then why is the traffic rejected? Or lower the CPA? There are many reasons. […]

Analyzing content effectiveness: key metrics you need to know

There is a concept of analyzing metrics to determine the effectiveness of your content. This article will explain how using metrics can determine the effectiveness of your content and serve as a basis for its further improvement, what metrics are worth knowing and how to effectively apply them to achieve your goals. What are metrics and […]

New Week – New Offers! Catch: Influence RU

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SEO-traffic in gambling

Search is one of the highest quality types of traffic. The probability that a user will come in and take an action on an offer page through a search engine is very high, as they are already interested in the product. A well-made landing page is not enough to consistently get traffic – it is […]

Traffic sources: PPC 

Along with ASO and SEO, PPC is also used because it gives quality traffic. In the article we will tell you what PPC is, why it is a top source, pros and cons of using it. And also consider what changes are expected this year. PPC, what is it? PPC (pay per click) is a […]

Conferences for affiliates in 2024

Conferences are an important event in affiliate marketing. In this article, we will tell you about the affiliate events that will take place in 2024. What should we expect from the events? MAC Affiliate Conference 2024 Perfect conditions for hard networking is what makes MAC Affiliate Conference stand out among the leading arbitrage conferences. This […]

How to get the most out of networking?

You’ve probably heard of the term networking. When affiliates are asked why they go to conferences, they usually answer “to meet partners and do networking”. Affiliate meetups and conferences are always interesting and informative, but it is not always possible to capitalize on it and find useful contacts. In this article we will tell you […]

Working with Europe? Get the top offers

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How to choose an affiliate program for gambling and betting?

Affiliates are interested in how to choose the best affiliate program/what to pay attention to. Beginners are usually looking for an affiliate network for a more comfortable entry into the industry and to start working with traffic. Experienced webmasters can look for a new affiliate program with more favorable conditions for working with large volumes […]

Secrets of success in affiliate marketing: review of services to simplify webmaster’s work

Unfortunately, pouring traffic without the help of various tools is becoming more difficult: blocks, limits, duration and many more things that a webmaster faces in the process of work. But fortunately, along with the problems, there are also ways to solve them. In this article we will tell you about services that will make it […]

Target Audience in Gambling

When working with any type of advertising it is important to think – “and who is my audience?”. And gambling is no exception. It is commonly believed that the audience of this vertical is only men, with a good level of income. However, this is not quite true. In this article we will understand who […]

Top GEOs in gambling

Every year the gambling industry is growing: the popularity of traffic sources is constantly changing, and webmasters are finding new and more promising GEOs in terms of income and ease of methods of working with traffic. In the article we will analyze which countries continue to be in the top from year to year, and […]

Streaming service “Kick” for the gambling vertical

As many people remember, at the end of 2022, the streaming platform “Twitch” banned the stream of gambling for those who do not have a U.S. license. Stricter rules and increased risks of account ban became the reason to search for a more loyal streaming service. This is what Kick became. In the article we […]

How to make money on gambling during the holidays?

The end of the year is a special time for many people from different countries. New Year and Christmas create an atmosphere of magic and celebration not only for children, but also for adults. In this article we will talk about earning on holidays in the gambling vertical, as well as give advice to affiliates […]

January 2024 sport events

The year 2024 is approaching and that means new Grand Prix, World Championships and Olympics. The first month of the new year will be very busy. In the article we will tell you about the main sporting events of January, which are worth paying attention to, because they will bring not only a mountain of […]

How to increase income in betting?

The betting vertical in affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable verticals. During the Сovid-19, the niche started to decline, but luckily for the dedicated webmasters of this vertical, in 2022, big sport has picked up again, which means that the punters are back. In this article, let’s understand what’s happening with the sports […]

How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

Every year the affiliate market expands. People always want to get into money niches, but those who encounter CPA-marketing for the first time, listen to stories about “successful success’ ‘ and puzzle over “from which side to approach? I want to be an affiliate too!”. If you’ve already looked at all the pros and cons […]

How to correctly test creative pairs in arbitrage?

Usually, such information is shared reluctantly, because those who have been in this business for a long time have their own principle of selecting bundles and testing them. You never know which approach will bring a good result. In this article we will talk about how to test a ligament correctly. First of all, let’s […]

Cloaking in CPA-marketing

Let’s talk about an important tool of affiliates – cloaking. Webmasters often use gray and black methods in their work. And all because they bring more profit than those that are legal. In this article we will discuss what cloaking is, what its purpose is, how it works in affiliate marketing and will analyze the […]

Creatives in Gambling: Rules and Ideas

Gambling is a competitive field, and attracting the attention of players is both the most important and the most challenging task. If you have been working with casinos for a while, you are well aware that without high-quality advertising creatives, your advertising campaigns can be unprofitable. In this article, we will explore how to create […]

Approaches to Improve Earnings in Affiliate Marketing

In the modern marketing landscape, there are numerous ways to generate income, and one of the most popular and profitable methods is CPA marketing. It offers the opportunity to earn money online by attracting visitors and customers to the websites of various companies. In this article, we will explore what CPA marketing is, its advantages, […]

Success in Gambling: key strategies for the media buyer

Gambling is an industry that attracts millions of players worldwide, offering vast opportunities for media buyers. In this article, we will explore the rules and strategies necessary to achieve success in the world of CPA marketing. Reasons to work with Gambling The gambling market possesses several unique advantages that make it appealing to media buyers. […]

Types of traffic unsuitable for gambling

In the world of online gambling, competition is immense, and many marketers aim to attract players to their platforms using various types of traffic. However, not all types are suitable for the realm of gambling. In this article, we will explore which types of traffic are not recommended for promoting online casinos. Types of gambling […]

How to choose GEO for Gambling Offers

In the world of affiliate marketing, choosing the right offer is crucial for success. When it comes to gambling, it is not only important to choose the right product, but also to understand the target audience based on geography. GEO targeting can become a decisive factor in advertising campaigns, so it’s essential to choose offers […]

Conference schedule summer 2023

SiGMA Americas. Brazil, Sao Paulo, June 14-18 The SiGMA Americas International Conference, which was held in Sao Paulo from June 14 to 18, 2021, was SiGMA’s first event in the Latin American region. It brought together leading experts and representatives of the gambling industry from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations […]

What is an affiliate network?

What is CPA Networks (Affiliate networks) The CPA network is a kind of aggregator of affiliate networks that combines various offers in one place. This is a kind of exchange that acts as an intermediary between webmasters (publishers) and advertisers (offers). There are many networks, and each of them offers its own terms of cooperation, […]

Betting offers: how to choose the right one and what to pay attention to in 2023

Betting is an exciting and exciting form of gambling, which is very popular all over the world. Due to its simplicity and the possibility of constantly earning money, betting remains in the ranks despite any obstacles. Bookmakers are constantly looking for new players, which makes betting one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing. […]

Neuronets for affiliate marketing

The CPA#1 partner network, like many now, is actively testing neuronet. AI is now a powerful tool for generating creatives, copywriting, traffic analysis and forecasting. But how can you use them to increase your efficiency? Which neural networks are better for webmasters to use? We are sorting it out. Neuronets  for website development 10Web Automated […]

Top offers of the week

We are finishing this week with new, hot offers, today we have prepared as many as 4 coolest offers. You can no longer waste your time searching for offers – we have already done everything for you! Leon – it is one of the largest bookmakers in Russia and the CIS. One of the key […]

Gambling offers: how to choose the right one and what to pay attention to in 2023

Offers and payment models in gambling When it comes to gambling, choosing offers and payment models can be a key factor in your success. But what are offers and payment models in gambling, and how can they affect profits? Gambling offers are promotional offers that can be promoted on your website or in any other […]

Digest of sports events in May

The hottest sports events of this month have been prepared especially for you. High—profile sporting events are a great reason to attract a new client to the bookmaker’s website!  Are you ready to collect all the cream of the strait for betting offers? Let’s go! Formula 1 World Championship, US Grand Prix (May 1 — […]

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