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Having your account blocked is not a very pleasant experience. Facebook* carefully monitors violations of the rules and if it detects such actions, it blocks the account. Of course, there are cases of erroneous blocking. In any case, you want to deal with it quickly and get your account back, especially if you use it for work. 

In the article we will tell you what to do if the account is still blocked, possible reasons for the ban, and how to avoid such a situation. 

It is very easy to realize that your account is banned – a warning about blocking appears when you try to access your profile. Or you can receive a notification of a temporary ban by email or in the advertising cabinet.

Reasons for blocking

The most common reasons FB blocks accounts are:

  • creating multiple accounts;
  • using another person’s photo on your avatar
  • frequent changes of personal data;
  • incorrect behavior of the user in the network;
  • a large number of similar actions in a short period of time;
  • attempts to log in from other countries or via VPN;
  • spamming;
  • complaints about the user;
  • large sums of money being credited to the account balance;
  • sharp increase in spending on advertising campaigns;
  • promotion of prohibited materials;
  • copyright infringement;
  • inconsistency of the advertisement with the subject of the account (the page does not correspond to the advertisement);
  • use of another person’s bank card (mismatch of card and profile data);
  • changing the method of payment;
  • attempting to attach a card issued in another country;
  • profile hacking by hackers;
  • use of prohibited scripts;
  • no activity in the profile for a long time;
  • failure of the platform algorithms.

Automatically, the algorithms freeze an account when they see violations – for example, publishing illegal content. This kind of blocking is easier to remove.

How do I unlock my account?

There are several options for unlocking your account. To get Facebook* to unlock your account, you can appeal within 30 days. If you can’t regain access the first time, try other ways to unlock your account. 

Contact FB support

Submit a request to appeal the decision. Facebook Support* is faster at handling appeals in English. 

Personal data. Binding a phone number will help to restore access faster through a code in SMS. If the number was not linked, create a request via email.

Identity credentials

To ensure the financial security of the advertising account, the moderators of the platform require your documents. Anything will do: passport photo/scan, driver’s license, student ID, and so on. Provided that the original profile data was real.

Personal Photo

Upload your photo to check if you have stolen someone else’s photo or vice versa. If all verification is successful, you will be able to confirm your identity by photo without any problems in future lockdowns.


In the section of setting up additional protection, specify a few of your friends who will confirm your identity to unblock the page in case of anything.

In addition, if you are blocked by mistake, always attach screenshots with proof of anything in the form of a request.

When you get access to the page, be careful in terms of actions and published content: the security service will closely monitor you and your actions. In case of systematic violation of the rules, there is a risk of getting your account blocked forever. In addition, the FB user agreement states that some people may be permanently banned from using the platform, so all future accounts they create will be deleted.

How to avoid being blocked?

Personal profile

If the platform blocks your personal page, it will be difficult to get into the business account and business manager. As stated earlier, a user is allowed to create only one personal account. If you provide a real surname and first name when registering, then the blocking can be removed by providing proof of personal data. 

Popular reasons for restricting access to the page:

  • The system considers the account to be fake;
  • fake username;
  • the owner of the page does not comply with the user agreement.

Advertising profile

To secure your advertising account, follow the recommendations for advertising activity on the platform:

  • first make the profile live and then start an advertising campaign;
  • do not advertise illegal products;
  • do not place many ads at the same time;
  • increase your budget smoothly;
  • send ads for moderation in advance;
  • do not violate advertising rules;
  • Monitor ad rejections in a timely manner.

Business Manager

If the Business Manager is locked, the owner will not be able to create a new account and reconnect the service.

To avoid losing Business Manager, we recommend that you:

  • keep track of the account balance taking into account currency exchange rate changes;
  • do not exceed the limit of permissible blocking of Business Manager, try to open access to all accounts at once;
  • do not create a common profile for all employees of the company;
  • if one of your personal pages is banned, try to unblock it as soon as possible so as not to degrade the quality of the account.
  • if an employee has resigned, delete his/her page from the business manager.
  • assign two administrators, in case there are problems with one of them.

In Facebook* you can see how the social network evaluates your profile, whether your actions violate the rules of publishing advertisements. You will find access to this option in the account menu (up right the corner).

The advertising section publishes a summary of ads that do not comply with the rules of the social network, are under review, approved or banned by the moderator. 


To avoid having your profile blocked, you need to study and comply with the user agreement and Facebook* community norms, read the help center for this. It is possible to unblock an account, personal or advertising, if the violation is not serious or erroneous. But if the violation is serious or it is a repeated blocking, the account can be blocked permanently and without the possibility of recovery.

In the case when no method helps you, just wait for the blocking to be lifted – no need to create new profiles while your old account is “alive”. Important point, do not go to the so-called “experts” who promise to help and unlock your account, more likely it’s a scam.

Try not to be too active in the first weeks after creating an account in Facebook*. Do not attract unnecessary attention from the administration by a large number of activities in your profile.

*Product of Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia


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