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Every affiliate has at least once seen the number of slots after registering at a casino. Usually players choose between fast games, slots and varieties of wheels of fortune.

From the variety of choices, about 20% of players get lost and leave the casino. Or they choose unsuccessful slots, on which they lose their first bet, and then do not come in at all anymore.

In the article, let’s understand why you should use them in your creatives and what kind of boost to the envelope you should expect when using popular slots.

Newzoo conducted market research in the US, UK and Australia that showed that more than 50 percent of players between the ages of 18 and 60 prefer slots over other games. Since then, the popularity of slots has remained the same, as proven by the statistics of profitable games across the US and other popular GEOs.

What are the slots in the creo for?

To simplify the selection, we include popular slots in our advertising campaigns. To do this, we can take the advertiser’s demo account at the casino, test slot machines and record the process of playing. 

When ordering a creative from a designer, you should specify the list of slot machines to be included in the creative. 

Why do we use popular slot machines? There are several reasons: 

The player is immediately identified with preferences

After viewing the ads, the player immediately finds the slot machines he is interested in at the casino, without wasting time searching for other games. 

Selection of top slot machines

Often players make a minimum deposit in the casino, lose it and do not return for a long time. However, some slots can give the player the feeling of winning and the player will bet more money in the future. The more the player bets, the higher the probability of a good spill. 

Popularity among players

Different GEOs have their own favorite slot machines. For example, Bonanza is very popular in the CIS countries, but almost not used in Europe.

Tips for choosing a slot

Finding the right game becomes difficult because of the huge number of developments and many attractive offers. Despite the fact that the list of the best online slots is regularly updated, some of them remain popular for many years. A professional analysis of the gambling industry will help players to quickly navigate the world of games and avoid losing their budget. 

When studying the list of online casinos, it is worth paying attention to the following key points:

  • institution’s rating and mode of operation;
  • list of software providers;
  • game features
  • bonus policy
  • technical support/chat
  • payout speed;
  • reviews.

Main aspects

Some players prefer well-known premium games from developers such as Microgaming, Endorphina, Betsoft, NetEnt, Gaminator or Playtech. Others, however, choose slots based on the following criteria:

  1. The theme of the game, which determines the player’s interest and comfort of pastime. The more the player spends time playing the game, the more important this aspect is for him.
  2. Creativity of the project and the presence of a well-developed concept. In the modern slot machine industry, classic slots with fruits, gems and pyramids are giving way to games with a more elaborate plot and musical accompaniment.
  3. Graphical execution, combined with the theme. Users evaluate the quality of video clips, the brightness of symbols and the clarity of the background. Successful projects are characterized by high-quality graphics.
  4. Game functions that affect the probability of winning. Standard games with three reels and five lines give way to slots with rich bonus programs and additional opportunities for prizes.
  5. The presence of special features that improve game quality, speed, power saving and mobility.
  6. The volatility of the game and the percentage of return of funds RTP. The higher the return percentage, the more frequent the winnings. Low volatility usually means big but infrequent wins.


The top slots in creatives should be used to make a setup of the same creo, lending and slots. Then the player will not spread his attention to all the games in the casino and will go to the slots that he saw in the creative or memorized. If you work through an affiliate program, you can request popular slots from the advertiser. 

We wish you good luck and catchy slots!


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