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Usually, such information is shared reluctantly, because those who have been in this business for a long time have their own principle of selecting bundles and testing them. You never know which approach will bring a good result. In this article we will talk about how to test a ligament correctly.

First of all, let’s understand the definition. A bundle is a ready combination of elements of an advertising campaign, which is most likely to show positive conversion and balance replenishment when traffic is launched. It is a combination of an offer, geo, traffic sources, creatives etc. During the testing, our goal is to understand which of the bundles will work better. Remember: what works for others will not necessarily work for you!

Finding bundles in arbitrage 

A quick tour of finding bundles, here are some tips from experienced  webmasters:

  1. Conducting an analysis. Analyze all components of a bundle in detail and make a profile of the target audience to understand what goes over better to people.
  2. It’s okay to peek. If an offer has statistics, it means traffic was poured on it. With the help of services you can look at competitors, which will help you find your approach and stand out.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even experienced webmasters consult each other. If you have a question or you are not sure – ask an expert’s opinion, or contact the tech support of an affiliate program. Someone will definitely have the answers you need (well, or a valuable tip).
  4. Don’t postpone tests. The human factor has no timer, and it is impossible to predict when and how it will work when you see a creative. Test as soon as the bundle is ready.
  5. Study Aspects. Study the peculiarities of the chosen country’s culture, mentality, habits of the population and the audience in general. Read reviews of specific geos and look at thematic forums.

If you have thought of buying a ready-made bundle and you think that it will definitely work and will convert, get ready to be disappointed. As a rule, cloning bundles does not work. Yes, and “selling actual bundles” is done by scammers who are trying to make money on inexperienced beginners. In the end, you will lose money, time and be left without a bundle.

Testing bundles

To test a bundle, you need to determine the budget and the criteria by which a successful and unsuccessful test will be determined. This is what will show the ultimate profitability of the bundle, and how well the approach is chosen. A test is always a risk.

To reduce the probability of error and financial risks, because gambling and betting offers often require about $1000 per test (or even more), follow some rules:

  • Audience segmentation. This is important because you can’t always guess which audience will produce the best results. When segmenting, you need to consider gender, age, interests and pains that the final product covers. The number of test groups should not exceed 10, otherwise it will be difficult to keep track of each one. Pay attention that the groups are not too wide and not narrow. From 5 to 10 thousand people is the most relevant range that provides honest statistics.
  • Creatives. To test the bundle, you need to create a number of creatives at once: Use different formats of creatives so that the ad looks different every time. Use split-testing to test creatives. And when designing, target the needs and interests of each group. For example, if you focus on betting-offers, you need to orient creatives for specific sports.
  • Money management. When launching test advertising campaigns, make sure you set the limits correctly. First of all, you need to remember to set them, so as not to drain the budget. Secondly, how much traffic to drain? The limit should be equal to the affiliate program payment for two targeted actions. Thirdly, it is impossible to exceed the set limits. If the bundle did not show itself on the test, it is unlikely to work, even if you add money.
  • Optimization. After finding a profitable bundle, you need to keep working. It is necessary to analyze data and statistics to improve the approach. Arbitrage requires constant testing and searching for new audiences. You can use statistics to establish the optimal time to show ads. It is also useful to add new audience segments and update old ones. And if there are no profitable bundles yet – this is not the time to give up. Start looking for other approaches, analyze the reasons for the error and analyze the resulting statistics. To increase conversions, test different audiences with different lendings/prelendings. When working with audiences, try to change demographic parameters, study audience activity to customize the time frames for displaying ads. When setting up a landing/pre-landing, study visitor behavior using analytics systems.
  • Set aside enough time. It is the long and clear work with bundle testing that will help you become richer with its accurate results and analysis. Continuous testing is necessary.

Basic mistakes

Testing bindings includes making mistakes. Otherwise, how can you find the most working bindings? If you have a problem, the first thing you should do is to pay attention and check for basic mistakes.

Stopping tests after the first minus work is one of the most common mistakes in testing a bundle. In fact, many bundles start showing better conversion rates after optimization.

The more offers you test, the more money you’ll need for tests. Going overboard with the number of offers, especially for beginners, can end up with a drained budget and poor statistics. The same goes for creatives: it is better to focus on a few variants and collect more statistics than to try dozens of variants and fail.

The more traffic sources involved in the test, the harder it is to analyze the results. Focus your attention on the traffic sources that are specified in the offer and add new ones only when necessary.

Try different traffic sources if conversions leave much to be desired. Don’t forget to also analyze the audiences for ads: there are different ways to check the audience of social media groups to make sure that ads are not shown only to bots.

All that’s needed is to try and test it! We believe that you will be able to find the most profitable bundle! Testing is a mandatory step in the work and it concerns everyone. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, consult with more experienced players. Learn to work with it and you will be happy and in addition – a lot of traffic!


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