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Over time, more and more tasks people try to solve with the help of chat GPT, and also use it in their work. And affiliates are no exception, writing texts, creating creatives, recommendations, audience – all this neural network can help to do quickly, and most importantly qualitatively (not always, of course, but it happens).

In this article, let’s see if GPT chat is suitable for working with App Store Optimization, what tasks it can solve and how to use it in the work of an affiliate.

ChatGPT and ASO – what are they?

For beginners and those who just need to refresh their memory:

ChatGPT (from Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot with generative artificial intelligence that was developed by OpenAI. The neural network works on the same principles as the human brain. In real-time dialog mode.

CHATGRT can be entrusted with most of the work, saving a lot of time and sometimes money.

App Store Optimization – promotion of mobile applications in Google Play and App Store. This method has gained a lot of popularity due to low traffic costs, although it appeared relatively recently.

What are the advantages of using AI?

Currently, language models have not yet reached the level where they can do all the work completely on their own, however, they are rapidly approaching that. 

But on the other hand, with the right setup, ChatGPT is capable of performing all the necessary tasks. Artificial intelligence is able to come up with very creative solutions, and its main advantage lies in the speed of execution. 

Keyword selection 

Although some global creative tasks can hardly be delegated, but for example, ChatGPT is great at selecting keywords and optimizing metadata. The bot needs to be provided with inputs such as topics, a list of competitors, and sources of information. If desired, you can also add information about the app to make the keyword selection most relevant.

In any case, you should check their frequency through ASO service, and then choose the best ones.

GPT chat will not be able to assess the traffic indicators of the proposed keywords, as it simply does not have access to databases. There are tools for ASO that provide access to data from app stores. For example, ASODesk’s Keyword Auto-Suggestions tool will suggest different keywords for your app.

Working with text

When generating texts in Russian, small problems appear. For example, ChatGRT does not generate long texts completely, it breaks them halfway through, so you will still have to refine its creations.

You can write a text request to the chatbot in any Tone of Voice. Language translations are available, but again – you have to check everything.

The text should contain a certain number of keywords – ChatGRT can handle it:

You can then check the suggested descriptions through Google Natural Language, tweak and enjoy the result.

Feedback and ratings

Application optimization (ASO) involves not only the design of the app itself, but also feedback management to ensure user satisfaction and repeat return. Artificial intelligence can also help in this process.

What you can do:

  • Write a personalized response;
  • Tailor the response to a specific style;
  • Receive/give feedback and information;
  • Mistake work on the feedback.

You can use CHATGP to brainstorm ideas for icons and screenshots for your app, for example. It will give you a bunch of recommendations and ideas, and even if you don’t like many of them, you can take an idea from the neural network and refine it. So, artificial intelligence can guide you to be creative here too.

Practical applications

Using artificial intelligence may seem complicated, and it is. However, once you understand how to work with it, it becomes easy and comfortable. What are some tips to help make your work with ChatGPT as efficient as possible? 

  1. Combine technology with creativity

For the most creative tasks, humans are best suited to solve the most creative problems to avoid standardized and non-unique results. 

  1. Work validation

A bot works very fast but can make mistakes, so information should always be verified at least partially. 

  1. Using the current version of the AI

AI models are constantly being updated, and each subsequent one usually has more functionality than the previous one. 

  1. Keeping up with AI news

Specialized forums and websites often publish updates that are already available, so don’t miss them and implement them first. 

The future of ASO 

A prediction can be made regarding the combination of app promotion and artificial intelligence: first of all, language models will improve, becoming more accurate. They will be able to take into account user intentions and behavior, which will have a positive impact on personalization and audience targeting. Simple tasks such as keyword selection will finally move into the realm of artificial intelligence. If automation is inevitable, it’s better to automate first, right? You’ll be able to delegate the whole chore to a bot and take your time for other tasks. 

Now is the time to utilize this practice in your work. Another possible feature that ASO professionals can look forward to is prediction. Artificial intelligence will likely learn to predict future trends in the ASO world based on user behavior. The more you know, the more you can, which will give a significant advantage to those who are the first to embrace automation


As artificial intelligence evolves, its capabilities will become integral to the application and advancement market as a whole.Already, much of the ASO work can be done with ChatGPT, as we have clearly shown above.Chat GPT is a great source of inspiration for working with naming, forming short or long texts, finding ideas, and more.

However, the human brain still has unrivaled creativity and creativity compared to robots. Lean on artificial intelligence as a base and add your own personality – that’s the perfect recipe for success in the ASO field!

Try, learn and incorporate artificial intelligence into your work.


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