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Experts predict significant growth in the online gambling market in the coming years. If in 2023 the volume of this market amounted to $73.2 billion, by 2032 it is expected to increase to $172.5 billion. Shouldn’t we focus our attention and efforts on this sphere? 

In this article, we will discuss the latest trends in Tier 1 and Tier 3 for 2024 and the creatives for these areas.

Approaches in working with Tier 1

Advertisers set high KPIs for residents because webmasters get much higher bids for them than for the same Tier 3. This is due to the high paying ability of audiences from developed GEOs. The average reg2dep in Tier 1 countries reaches 25%. That’s why they are always popular with affiliates. 

The most profitable GEOs to bay in 2024 are as follows: 

  • Germany;  
  • Italy;  
  • Canada; 
  • Australia;  
  • Spain;  
  • Netherlands; 
  • Belgium. 

Webmasters see countries in this category as the most attractive. Although the earning potential seems huge, with big payouts and a good consumer base, it’s hard to surprise the people in these countries.

They are familiar with your products and know how to avoid or ignore promotional messages. Therefore, launching revshare offers in these countries can be challenging. The competition in this market is very high, making it difficult for a newbie to get started. Experienced affiliates already use specialized sales techniques and retain most of the profits. 

Tier 1 countries are characterized not only by high competition but also by high prices. Traffic from these countries is significantly more expensive, sometimes two or three times more expensive than traffic from other regions, requiring affiliates to make a significant initial investment. Another difference between these markets is the strict legal control over advertising, making some strategies difficult to apply due to restrictions or bans. While English is considered a widely used language in Tier 1 countries, it is important to keep in mind the multilingualism in Europe. Not everyone in Germany and France speaks English, and Canada has two official languages. 

When launching campaigns in these regions, it is recommended to split-test using both languages and optimize the campaign based on the more successful language. An important aspect of these regions is the value of personal information, which can lead to higher returns on sweepstakes than other regions. Celebrities do well on creatives for Tier 1 countries.

Approaches in working with Tier 3

Usually, newcomers in affiliate marketing start their career with this particular tier. In not very developed regions, the industry is just starting to gain momentum, which makes the competition not so high. 

The following countries are well suited for gambling in 2024: 

  • Brazil;  
  • India;  
  • Bangladesh; 
  • Kazakhstan; 
  • Uzbekistan.

Third World countries can be compared to unexplored forest corners, where the population that is just beginning to master the Internet lives. The inhabitants of these regions are open to new ideas and ready to purchase goods, but the main issue is their ability to do so. Although income levels in these countries may be low, it is possible to offer products or services that will attract their attention, although they may not be of interest to residents of tier one and tier two countries. 

Third world countries are attractive because of the large number of potential customers and affordable prices for services, which creates a favorable environment for both educational and entertainment offerings. 

When deciding on an offer, it is important to examine the available global and local payment systems in the country. It is also important to estimate the value of the reward to the player and compare it to the average income of the population. Often an amount that seems reasonable to you may be significant to your target audience. Keep this in mind when selecting offers for Tier 3 countries. 

Using English may not be the most effective way to get creative, except in India. Even then, English is only used in certain parts of the country or among educated people. It is important to translate your ad campaigns into the local language. You also need to customize your ads so that they appeal to your target audience. Although experienced affiliates have already succeeded in Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets, the third world market is always welcoming to newcomers. The key is to do it right!

Slots remain the most popular type of games. By the way, we talked about them in previous CPA#1 materials

This is especially true for Tier-3 countries: low literacy rate and desire for easy money help to keep the popularity of slots at the same level. There are no tactics in slots, and all actions are limited to a couple of clicks.

That’s why experienced affiliates add slots to their ads. 

In developed countries, casinos are perceived as a means of entertainment. Residents of regions from the third dash see casinos as a source of earnings and enrichment, so it is possible to gamble on it. 


Working with Tier 1 and Tier 3 countries is different. If you are new in affiliate marketing, there is no doubt that Tier 3 is for you, because developing countries with the cheapest traffic and low profits are the best place to learn and practice your skills. The audience of the first world countries is fundamentally different, they are less trusting, experienced and advanced internet users with medium or high income. Accordingly, to offer them to win a million dollars in the casino will not work. But to have fun and relax – yes. Choose creatives and approaches based on the specific country.

We wish you luck and a good conversion!


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