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Offers and payment models in gambling

When it comes to gambling, choosing offers and payment models can be a key factor in your success. But what are offers and payment models in gambling, and how can they affect profits?

Gambling offers are promotional offers that can be promoted on your website or in any other source (we’ll talk about them later). Such offers may include first deposit bonuses, free spins on slots or other attractive opportunities for players.

Payment models in gambling may vary depending on the offer. There are four main traffic payment models: CPA, CPL, Revenue Share and Hybrid.

CPA (Cost per Action)

CPA implies payment for a certain action that the user performs after clicking on an advertising link. In gambling, CPA actions can be paid for, for example, by user registration, the first deposit or the fulfillment of other specified conditions. 

CPL (Cost per Lead)

CPL involves payment for obtaining the contact details of a potential client, which can be used for subsequent communication and sale. In gambling, CPL actions can be paid for, for example, by filling out a registration form or subscribing to a newsletter. 

Revenue Share (RevShare)

This payment model is based on the percentage of revenue generated from the players attracted by the partner and the casino. Usually, the partner receives a certain percentage of the net profit of the casino received from the players he attracted to their website. 


The Hybrid payment model in gambling is a combination of two or more payment models, for example, Revenue Share and CPA. This payment model allows partners to profit both from attracting new players and from the income that is generated from these players in the future.

It is important to understand that each payment model has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of model depends on your goals and the specifics of a particular offer. For example, the CPA model may be effective for attracting a large number of players at the initial stage, and the RevShare model may be more profitable in the long run. It is worth noting that of all the payment models, only two are the most popular – CPA and Revenue Share.

What is gambling?

Gambling is a term that is used to refer to gambling games such as slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack, slot machines, sports betting and many others. This industry has long established itself as one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing.

Gambling is a popular entertainment in many countries of the world, and the gambling industry has significant economic weight.

Where to start?

If you want to start earning with the help of affiliate marketing, then the first step for you, as a webmaster, will be to search for reliable partners and casinos that offer favorable terms of cooperation.

To begin with, we recommend that you decide on the payment model that is most suitable for you. As we have already discussed, there are several traffic payment models in gambling, such as CPA, CPL, Revenue Share and Hybrid. Choosing a specific payment model depends on your goals and strategy.

Next, you should pay attention to the quality and reputation of the partner network with which you plan to cooperate. Study the reviews and ratings in various sources to make sure they are reliable and honest.

Also, don’t forget to analyze the competition and decide on your unique promotion strategy. And finally, do not forget about the rules and legislation that regulate the gambling industry. Be sure to make sure that you comply with all the requirements.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to start your way in the gambling industry.

On whom to pour?

In gambling, as in any other business area, it is important to understand who is the target audience for the promoted offers. Here you can conditionally divide groups of people:

Gambling enthusiasts are a group of users who are already interested in gambling and actively visit online casinos, bet on sports and participate in lotteries. For this group of users, it is necessary to offer profitable bonuses, promotions and other attractive conditions for registration and playing on the casino website.

Social game players are a group of users who play social games on platforms such as Facebook and others. For this group of users, you can offer games with gambling elements, such as slots, roulette and poker, and attract them to the casino website.

Entertainment lovers are a group of users who are looking for various forms of entertainment on the Internet. For this group of users, you can offer games with an attractive design and an interesting plot.

In addition, it is important to take into account the geographical location of the target audience and legal restrictions in different countries. For example, some countries may prohibit gambling or restrict it, which may affect the choice of the target audience to promote offers.

Target audience and GEO

Another important factor when working with gambling offers is the target audience and GEO (geographical location). Each offer has its own target audience, which is most inclined to play a particular gambling game. In addition, each offer can be focused on certain GEO. For example, casino offers may be most effective in countries with a high standard of living, where people have more money to play.

So what factors should be taken into account when determining the target audience and geographical region in gambling? Let’s figure it out:

Demographic characteristics. It is necessary to determine the target audience by age, gender, income, education and other characteristics. For example, some games and offers may be more interesting for young people, while others may be more interesting for an older audience.

Preferences in games. It is important to understand which games and offers will be most interesting for the target audience. Some players may be interested in poker, while others may be interested in slot machines or sports betting. Understanding the preferences of the audience will allow you to determine the most effective offers for promotion.

GEO-restrictions. In gambling, the legislation may vary greatly in different countries, so it is important to take into account GEO-restrictions when determining the target audience and offers. In some countries, gambling may be banned or severely restricted, which may affect the target audience and the effectiveness of promotion.

Social status and interests. A simple example is that people with high incomes may be more inclined to play for large sums, and people with certain interests may prefer certain types of games.

Technical specifications. Be sure to take into account the technical characteristics of the target audience, such as the type of devices used for the game (computer or mobile phone), the operating system and other factors that may affect the optimal advertising format.

Classification of offers

Gambling offers can be classified by product type, geography, device and other criteria. For example, offers may be associated with certain types of games, such as poker, slots or sports betting, or they may be targeted at a specific market or country.

It is important to remember that choosing the right type of offer depends on many factors, such as the target audience and the promotion strategy. Therefore, before you start working with affiliate programs in gambling, you should carefully study the market and choose the right type of offer for yourself.

Where to pour traffic from?

As already mentioned, various traffic sources are used in gambling. 

The gambling industry is one of the most competitive industries in Internet marketing, so the choice of traffic sources is of great importance for the success in promoting offers. 

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing an app for an app store such as the App Store or Google Play in order to increase the number of downloads and attract more users. Now ASO is one of the most effective traffic sources. ASO includes many factors, such as keyword selection, optimization of the titles and descriptions of the application, as well as improving the user interface and user experience. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – website optimization for search engines. This is one of the most popular traffic sources that allows you to attract free traffic from search engines. SEO is a long-term process and requires significant time and financial costs for website promotion.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – contextual advertising in search engines and social networks. This method allows you to quickly attract traffic to the site by paying for each click on the ad. 

Facebook Instagram, TikTok and others – promotion of offers on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

Email marketing – sending promotional emails to email. 

Native advertising is the use of ad blocks that are integrated into the site content. This allows you to attract traffic from sites that already have an audience interested in gambling.

In general, in order to successfully promote offers in gambling, it is necessary to use several traffic sources and constantly test their effectiveness. Do not be afraid to experiment, each traffic source has its own characteristics and advantages, so it is important to choose those that are most effective for the target audience and the type of offer.

How to choose an offer?

When choosing an offer, you need to take into account several factors: the target audience, GEO, payment model, and of course, you should choose offers from reliable partners and networks that have a good reputation.

Affiliate networks are platforms that unite webmasters and casinos, providing a convenient and reliable partnership process.

When choosing an affiliate network for gambling, pay attention to the following criteria:

Reputation and reliability. Study the reviews and ratings of partner networks to make sure they are reliable and honest.

Terms of cooperation. Read the terms of cooperation to make sure they are transparent and profitable for you. Pay attention to the amount of the bet.

Support. Ideally, the affiliate network manager should be familiar with the statistics and be able to work with the offer in order to make recommendations on optimizing advertising campaigns. It’s cool when support works 24/7.

Tools and reporting. Familiarize yourself with the partner network tools and reporting system to make sure they are convenient and informative.


Gambling is one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing. However, for successful work with gambling offers, it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as the choice of the target audience and GEO, the choice of the offer and payment model, as well as the choice of traffic sources. In addition, you need to work only with reliable affiliate programs and networks that have a good reputation. Observing all these rules, you will be able to make the right choice of an offer and a traffic source, for a bundle that will bring you a pleasant profit.


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