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Affiliates are interested in how to choose the best affiliate program/what to pay attention to. Beginners are usually looking for an affiliate network for a more comfortable entry into the industry and to start working with traffic. Experienced webmasters can look for a new affiliate program with more favorable conditions for working with large volumes of traffic, special offers for top partners and so on. How to choose an affiliate program that offers the best conditions, exclusive offers and stable service for long-term cooperation in the gambling and betting verticals? We will share tips on how to choose an affiliate program where you can earn stable, a lot and for a long time.

Where to look for affiliate programs?

On the Internet, of course, you can look at all the players in the affiliate marketing market, but it is better to use the following tools:

Rating websites. In the network there are specialized resources, arbitrage media and portals that collect and systematize information about affiliate programs. Such sites present ratings of affiliate programs, which can be sorted by verticals or popularity, read reviews and feedback.

Webmasters’ forums. Affiliates and representatives of affiliate programs communicate on thematic forums. They discuss different offers, share personal experience, ask each other questions about working with affiliates and traffic.

Advertising. Pay attention to the advertising of various arbitrage sites, including contextual advertising. Usually it is ordered by companies that are in the stage of active development and can offer webmasters interesting bonuses.

*If the company is active in digital space and often flashes at offline events, then most likely it can be trusted (reputation is such a thing).


In order to avoid getting into risky affiliate networks, it is necessary to study reviews about them. Useful sources of information can be forums, rating sites, and in general what you can find. It is also worth paying attention to the ratings, which can give a general idea of the partner site: 4-5 points to a good option for cooperation, but if this assessment is formed from three reviews – it is worth looking for more information. 

When analyzing reviews, it is important to pay attention to the balance of negative and positive reviews. The absence of negative reviews or a small amount of specific information in the positive ones may indicate a possible scoring, and in affiliate marketing this is not uncommon.


You’ve already decided on the vertical since you’re reading this article. Affiliate programs come in two types:

  • Multi vertical (offers offers in several verticals at once: gambling, nutra, crypto, dating)
  • Narrow vertical (focus on 1-2 verticals).

We recommend choosing narrow-vertical affiliates, as both the affiliate program and you will be comfortable to work. And the pool of offers for a particular vertical, as a rule, they have more. 

Think about traffic sources

Studying new sources of traffic from scratch requires considerable effort, time and financial costs. Therefore, it is better to start promoting by choosing a type of advertising that you already have experience with or can learn quickly. If you have experience with a certain traffic source, it will be more effective to match it with a vertical and affiliate network rather than the other way around.

2023 gambling sources – Facebook ads*, SEO, Push, teaser ads, banners, YouTube videos.

Choose an offer

Choosing an offer is an important thing. You must understand who will be interested in the product in order to launch an effective advertising campaign. Make sure that you will be able to buy such traffic that the costs will be less than the income from the affiliate. 

Be prepared for the fact that at first you will have access only to low-payout and simple target action offers – this is how they test the quality of your traffic. If the test goes well, after it you will be able to get private offers with more favorable conditions.


  1. They say that everything is known in comparison, so to find the best option for yourself – register in 2-3 affiliate networks at once and test the same offer. This will help you to compare working conditions, conversion rate, payment terms, hold and your comfort in general. In the process, you will quickly realize which network is ideal for you in terms of conditions, and stay with it;
  2. Entry level. There are some networks that require an interview with a manager and obligatory information about realized projects. And there are other networks that are loyal to beginners; 
  3. Convenience. The interface of the site should be intuitive, so that a beginner can understand, otherwise, if already at the first stage there are problems, there is no point in going further;
  4. Support. A competent and fast support helps to solve problems in a short time, answers questions, communicates politely and gives competent answers and hints, and this can not but please.

Please note: it is important if the affiliate program provides  apps, creatives, bots and even cloaca!

Direct advertiser or CPA network?

An affiliate can work with an advertiser directly or through a CPA network. In case of working with an advertiser directly, the offers are placed on the advertiser’s platform. Working with a CPA-network can be more interesting, as you can choose from a variety of offers that suits you best. However, cooperation with direct advertising can be more profitable, especially if you agree on a revshara: he can offer a higher percentage and personalized conditions for active affiliates. In a CPA-network, the percentage is usually lower than that of a direct advertiser. The problem is that there are not as many direct partners as one would like.

Mistakes while choosing an affiliate network

It is important to carefully study the terms and conditions of an offer, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. Pay attention to traffic quality requirements (KPI), payment terms and allowed/prohibited traffic sources. Often creatives are required to be approved in advance, and violation of this condition may result in denial of payment. Untargeted traffic due to inattention to allowed/prohibited sources not only deprives you of payments, but can also damage your reputation and lead to you being blocked in the affiliate network. Always contact your manager if you have any questions. It’s better to clarify all the details in advance and if you can’t find any information on the terms and conditions – ask them directly!

Secondly, sometimes newbies choose affiliate networks that specialize in all verticals. The more a network focuses on a certain area, the more expertise it has in that area (especially gambling). While there are exceptions, in most cases it is better to choose narrow-vertical affiliate networks. They are usually well aware of the main traffic sources that provide high quality.

Thirdly, inexperienced affiliates often do not pay attention to the age of the company. Although this is not always a decisive factor, it is usually more preferable to work with companies that have been on the market for more than 3-4 years and do not have serious feedback about gross violations or negativity. Interaction with such an affiliate network is usually more convenient for a webmaster: all processes are set up, there is a choice of affiliate offers, benefits for webmasters and friendly managers.

An international CPA network for gambling and betting

CPA#1 – an international CPA network with exclusive offers in gambling & betting.GEO – all over the world.

Why CPA#1?

  • 1600+ Offers on CPI/CPA/CPL/Revshare models;
  • Telegram bot with analytics;
  • Free applications; 
  • Referral program up to 3%;
  • Weekly payouts;
  • Support 24/7.

Trusted affiliates get access to private offers, boost rates, early payouts, regular promotions and generous bonuses!


You can earn good money in affiliate marketing if you choose the right and suitable affiliate program. When choosing an affiliate program for working with gambling and betting, pay attention to the reviews and rating of the company. The main affiliate media update the rating quite often. Try it out, communicate with colleagues, ask questions to affiliates and you will find your ideal CPA program!


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