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Both a beginner and an experienced webmaster can face the fact that traffic is rejected partially or completely. Against this background, the motivation is lost, because if you have done everything right, while spending a lot of effort, time and money, then why is the traffic rejected? Or lower the CPA? There are many reasons.

In the article we will understand what are the reasons for partial or complete rejection of traffic, what are the solutions to the problem and tips to avoid such situations.

The advertiser cares about the quality of the traffic you bring him. And that the rate he pays you pays off. That’s why there are holds, limits and caps in the terms and conditions of offers. Payouts are made by the advertiser either through time or when the specified conditions are met.

In gambling offers you can often see a test limit (cap) in 20-30 FD (first deposit), that is, you will receive payment traffic only when players make 20-30 first deposits. This is done to analyze the activity and solvency of the players you have brought in.

Baseline is the amount of deposit a player must make, in addition to the mindep, in order for you to receive a payout. Baseline can be deposited once or over a period of time.


Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the offer

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why your traffic was rejected. For example, there may be restrictions on GEO, when you can’t send to certain regions, and you didn’t notice it – your traffic was rejected and you won’t be paid for it. It may be forbidden to use some elements in creatives, for example, celebrities or people of a certain race/nationality. Or, for example, the mindep is specified as 10 USD, but the user has paid less.

Before starting work, carefully study the terms and conditions of the offer. Usually there is a detailed description of what you can do and what not. Focus on caps, limits, holds, and if you don’t find any information, it’s better to ask the manager directly.

Fraud traffic

There are times when affiliates try to cheat everyone by using fraud. For this purpose, they use bots or motivated users, which leads to low-quality traffic. Affiliate programs have their own anti-fraud systems that immediately calculate this kind of action, which can lead to blacklisting.

Incentive traffic and multi-accounting

If you have a large volume of traffic that doesn’t make a profit for the advertiser, it can raise suspicions of fraud. For example, if users take out a loan from an MFI, pay it back after a few days and no longer use the organization’s services, the advertiser won’t want to pay for it. 

Motivated and scheming traffic is a category of users who come for personal gain, for example, for the opportunity to cheat online casino algorithms. Once they realize that they will not benefit from the product, they stop using it. Some players create new accounts at online casinos, which is called multi-accounting.

The advertiser is not interested in such traffic, as these users are already registered and attracted by someone else, so it is not profitable to pay for their actions.

Branded traffic – found in gambling, betting and financial offers. It is usually used in contextual advertising, when a webmaster specifies the name of the brand in the keywords and the user comes to the advertiser’s site on the branded query. This type of traffic is unprofitable because the user already knows about the advertiser’s site and searches for it in the search. So it doesn’t make sense for the advertiser to pay for it. Therefore, if it is not allowed in the terms and conditions of the offer, it will be rejected.

KPI during the test 

To weed out traffic, some advertisers set a KPI (capa) for the duration of the webmaster’s test period. This means that a limited number of leads are allowed to be attracted for a certain time, for example 20 per day. If these leads meet the requirements, they will be paid, otherwise the rest will not be paid. 

Sometimes this information is not specified in the offer, so it is recommended to discuss this point in advance with the manager to avoid possible troubles.

Presence of misleading

It happens that the webmaster uses the method of false information on creatives to attract more users. And this, in turn, leads to requests from users for a refund.

A player who was motivated by a bonus, and in the end he did not receive it, is unlikely to make deposits. In general, he may well perceive the entire offer as a scam.

Even if the advertiser will not return the money to users, his reputation suffers greatly and you will not see the payment of traffic. Do not mislead the audience – it will lead to a loss of budget.

Inactive traffic

That is, this is traffic that does not show any activity after registration or making deposits. 

Let’s assume that the goal is “minimum deposit” with no additional requirements (KPI). Once you have attracted a certain number of first deposits, the advertiser checks the traffic for a certain period of time. During this time, all leads are on hold. The advertiser analyzes the amounts of first and repeated deposits, average player checks and other user activity indicators. 

If after the end of the waiting period (hold) traffic does not show activity after the first deposits, the advertiser may extend the wait for another period for additional verification. This may lead to a decrease in payments for the already attracted traffic and lower the offer rate for future cooperation. Although traffic rejection is also possible in such a situation.

How to minimize the risks?

Discuss everything before the bay starts. The manager will always prompt and answer questions if you do not find something or do not understand. Clarify everything if you are not sure. For your peace of mind, all arrangements can be recorded and relied upon in case of anything.

Listen to feedback. To establish a long and productive collaboration. In addition, having access to the statistics of bays of other webmasters, managers can have a more objective view of the market situation. Therefore, if the manager points out the attractive conditions of the offer, but at the same time makes remarks on traffic and rejects it for small things, it is worth carefully considering the situation.

Keep an eye on statistics. Some competitors may click the budget of other people’s advertising campaigns to promote their own. Therefore, it is important to closely monitor changes in metrics. It is very difficult to prove to a partner or advertiser that the budget was exhausted by bots, and such behavior can seriously damage reputation.


Always read all the terms and conditions and ask questions to your personal manager before you start working. Traffic payout cuts are rare for those affiliates who do not violate the terms of the offer and try to work honestly. You can endlessly try to deceive an advertiser or an affiliate network, but in the end it is you who will be at a disadvantage: money, time and efforts are wasted and relationships are spoiled. Bring quality traffic and try to build long-term partnerships, in which everyone will benefit: you, the affiliate network and the advertiser. 

We wish you successful campaigns and high ROI!


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