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The end of the year is a special time for many people from different countries. New Year and Christmas create an atmosphere of magic and celebration not only for children, but also for adults. In this article we will talk about earning on holidays in the gambling vertical, as well as give advice to affiliates on how to make maximum profit and make yourself happy at the beginning of 2024!

The gambling vertical in the New Year’s time

There is an atmosphere of fun and joy and people are looking for ways to make easy money. During major holidays, many casinos launch nice promotional campaigns: incredible jackpots, good bonuses for playing certain slots, calendar games and much more. Big bonuses can be considered a “holiday gift” for gamblers. All these tools are accompanied by alluring designs, creatives, traditionally festive colors. Here is the occasion for the player to play and make a well-deserved gift to himself. And not only before the New Year itself, but also on the holiday weekend.

Holidays in different countries

Of course, affiliates prefer different geos, and you need to be aware of the traditions of this or that country. For example, in Greece the New Year is celebrated from January 13 to January 14. Vietnam, China, Korea, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore live according to the lunar calendar and the New Year holiday falls on the dates from January 21 to February 20. In Thailand, the holiday has been celebrated on January 1 for 70 years. But the population celebrates the ethnic New Year, which falls on the second half of April, as well as the Chinese New Year.In Mexico, the holidays begin on December 3 and last almost a whole month – until January 1.

Always research country customs carefully, some countries have dates that change from year to year!

How to make maximum profit during the holidays?

Setting up ad campaigns has its own peculiarities during the holiday periods, too. Urgency is what sets New Year’s Eve campaigns apart from the rest. They are limited in time and need to maximize their profits as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by knowing some details.

  1. Warm up the audience in advance

It’s good if you’ve done this a few weeks before the holidays, and if not, it’s time to start. Targeted advertising, pop-ups, push and banners – any method will do. The main thing is to remind the potential consumer that the best time of the year is coming – the time of gifts, holiday atmosphere, as well as bonuses and big wins.

  1. Working on headlines

It’s no secret that in the run-up to the holidays, people are faced with an overwhelming amount of advertising. Make the headline on your creative as short as possible, but still informative: use numbers. This way, potential players can quickly grasp the meaning rather than reading a lot of text. It’s important not to stop at one ad creative and try to test 4-6 to see which approach works best.

  1. Discounts/bonuses/promotions

During the holidays, everyone is looking for benefits and so-called ” free stuff”. Free access to one slot upon registration or a gift +$ on deposit for a friend, freespins, freebets – any method will do, as long as this bonus is.

  1. Look for an old base

If last year you also worked during the holidays and got a good profit, you can repeat the success and target the same users. Since the holidays are seasonal, these people will probably respond positively to new advertising of this kind.

Also, at the end of the holidays it is worth analyzing the work done and drawing conclusions for the next New Year’s holidays. Information obtained by your own efforts, much more valuable and reliable, and plus facilitate your work for the next such period.

  1. Set more AD replay

Right before the holiday itself, you can increase the number of replays to 2 or 3 times per user. The main thing is to keep an eye on the CTR and Win Rate, if they decrease, it is important to take action in time.

Holidays, and especially New Year holidays are a good time for webmasters to earn extra money. For some it is a time to relax, but for affiliates it is a time to gain momentum. Prepare in advance: study your chosen GEO and holiday dates, work carefully on creatives and use all methods to attract customers. Let the New Year holidays 2024 become the most profitable for you, as well as the whole coming year!


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