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As many people remember, at the end of 2022, the streaming platform “Twitch” banned the stream of gambling for those who do not have a U.S. license. Stricter rules and increased risks of account ban became the reason to search for a more loyal streaming service. This is what Kick became. In the article we will talk about the features of the platform, pros and cons, as well as gambling audience.

Features of the Kick streaming platform

Kick is a platform with a focus on the themes of lifestyle and gambling. The creators, a large gambling company “Stake”, themselves position the platform as an alternative to Twitch and YouTube. Streams with slots and bets are officially allowed here and put in a separate category.

The category “Slots and Casino” is the second most popular after “Just Chatting”. Also on Kick there are categories such as Pools, Hot Tubes, Beaches, Crypto, Trading, Podcasts, ASMR and Computer Games, which can also be suitable for promotion.

The biggest streamers promoting casinos and BK regularly stream on Kick. Another reason is the 95 to 5 revenue distribution. That is, 95% of the revenue comes from the streamers and the remaining 5% comes from the platform. (For reference: Twitch is 50/50, YouTube is 70/30). The principle with donations from viewers follows the same scheme – 100%.

Despite the fact that Kick is promoted as a more free platform, restrictions still exist. Fraud, deception and cheating are prohibited. You have to be careful and resourceful when attracting leads through streamers. It is forbidden to spam, send unsolicited emails and spruce up activity. Do not use pre-made templates for mailings.


Let’s look at the platform’s advantages over competitors and new chips point by point:

  1. English-language content

Stream titles are available in different languages, but English is predominant. A significant part of the traffic on Kick comes from tier-1 GEOs.

  1. Global recommendation system

For example, a streamer from Russia can get on the main page of the site not only in his GEO, but also in other countries of the CIS, Europe or Asia. This makes it possible to gain an audience several times faster.

  1. Profile design

You can easily customize your profile for a certain theme or just beautifully design it.

  1. Loyal affiliate program

Anyone who has 75 viewers and a total of 300 comments under broadcasts for the last 30 days can become a partner of the Kick platform.

  1. The platform provides API keys and materials for developers, as well as detailed instructions on how to use them.
  1. Loyalty to gambling and a fueled audience.

The formats with demonstration of the gameplay, which is accompanied by vivid reactions of the streamer to what is happening, work best.


Any service or application has its disadvantages, and Kick is no exception. The platform is still in beta testing, it is being improved, made more convenient and bugs are being fixed. What you should be prepared for:

  1. The platform is not fully translated into Russian.

 For example, some sections on privacy policy, user agreement and DMCA are available only in English.

  1. Incomplete statistics tools

The number of viewers is not updated in real time, and the data on already completed streams cannot be viewed.

  1. Channel blocking on Kick is permanent.

For violating the rules, the account is deleted without the right to restore. But on the other hand, the platform does not prohibit the creation of new channels, and the attitude to multi-accounts here is more loyal than on the same Twitch.

  1. There is no full information about advertising placement

From the known: the developers plan to implement a unique affiliate program, where payments will depend on the number of hours “on the air”. Even if there is only one viewer on the stream, the money will come to the account. The streamer will be able to withdraw them the same day.

The disadvantages are not so significant, especially for a service that is still being finalized, but they are there. In the process of using the platform, everyone will highlight for themselves the personal pros and cons of the platform “Kick”.


So, the Kick platform cannot be called a strong competitor to Twitch, but it can be called a good alternative for slightly different purposes. Especially if the content concerns gambling and betting verticals. As long as the audience on this platform will be loyal to the advertising of casinos, bookmakers and will actively click on the links – everyone will be on the plus side. Global recommendations and soft moderation give streamers creative freedom and the ability to attract users from different GEO. Especially a good platform “Kick” for foreign traffic, but still a strong focus on gambling repels not a small number of users.


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