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  • GEO: DE
  • Traffic Sources: PPC/SEO
  • CPA: 280 USD
  • Paid goal: first dep 10 EUR + KPI
  • reg2dep: 8-14%
  • Hold: 30 days
  • Test limit: 30 FTD


  • Traffic Sources: PPC/SEO/ASO
  • CPA: CH DK – 256 USD, IE – 240 USD, SI – 96 USD
  • Paid goal: mindep 20 EUR + KPI
  • click2dep: CH – 21%, SI – 18%, DK – 19%, IE – 17%
  • Hold: 14 days
  • Test limit: 20 FTD per GEO


  • GEO: DE, IT, FR, GR, PL, FI, ES
  • Traffic sources: FB
  • CPA: FI, ES, IT, FR – 120 USD, DE – 144 USD, GR – 96 USD, PL – 80 USD
  • Paid goal: BL and W
  • reg2dep: 30 to 60%
  • Hold: 0 days
  • Test limit: 20 FTD

For more details please contact the manager.


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