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Along with ASO and SEO, PPC is also used because it gives quality traffic. In the article we will tell you what PPC is, why it is a top source, pros and cons of using it. And also consider what changes are expected this year.

PPC, what is it?

PPC (pay per click) is a payment model where you pay for clicks, not for ad impressions. The webmaster pays only for clicks, regardless of the volume of displays. Its advantage is that the user is already interested in the offer, so advertising is many times more effective: he enters a search query, sees your ad and then clicks on it. You pay only for relevant users, so the probability of conversion is significantly increased.

The simplest example of PPC is contextual advertising in Google and other search engines:

In contrast to SEO, PPC traffic gives quick results and, as already mentioned, a warmed-up target audience. Also, since it is considered to be of higher quality, advertisers are willing to pay well for it, but you need to be prepared for high cost per click and competition. This is especially true for gambling as it is the vertical in which it is popular.

Specifics of working with PPC

Here are a few recommendations for optimizing an affiliate’s work with PPC traffic:

  1. It is important to create the most informative creative possible. The user should get all the necessary information about the offer before clicking on the ad, this will help you avoid irrelevant clicks. Fill out all the fields in the ad, specify the benefits and purpose of the offerer, its cost, possible discounts, delivery terms and other details.
  2. Advertisers set requirements for the quality of PPC traffic. Before pouring, check with the manager about the allowed sources, holds and test caps. If your traffic turns out to be of high quality, there is a good chance to get $ to payout.
  3. Do not use branded keys. Branded keys are referred to as offers or competitors. Advertisers often pay at a reduced rate or reject traffic altogether, as the user is already looking for a site on their own. The most paid for “common” keys, as competition, rates and the chance to attract a fresh audience is higher.
  4. Conversational Keys. This year, advanced GEO audiences are actively using voice assistants to find data online. This means that conversational-style key phrases are becoming more relevant, it’s worth picking them up and using them when running ads.
  5. Anti click protection. When working with PPC, it is worth setting up traffic distribution to protect your landing page from competitors and bots. Also, use a tracker to control transitions.
  6. When setting up ads, specify minus-words – these are the keys by which your ads will not be seen. This will help to raise the quality of traffic, reduce the chances of misleads and the cost of promotion. For example, you can add the minus key “for beginners’”, if the offer is aimed only at professionals.

Advantages and disadvantages of the PPC model

Advantages of PPC:

  • High-quality and loyal leads. With search engines, audiences are looking for a solution to a problem on their own – they are hot leads ready to take action; 
  • Valued by advertisers. If an arbitrageur can produce good volumes of high-quality PPC traffic, the advertiser can change the terms of cooperation in your favor;
  • Payment for transitions. The webmaster needs to pay only for ad clicks, which indicates less risk than in CRM;
  • Popularity. The CRM model does not lose relevance this year, the variety of courses and other information to master this advertising format confirms this;
  • Flexibility. CRM is suitable for most of the verticals and categories of offers in traffic arbitrage;
  • Gives SEO information. Data on the effectiveness of certain keys can be used for SEO-optimization of landing pages.

Disadvantages of PPC:

  • High cost. Context is expensive, especially with pay-per-click. For comfortable work you need budgets or a team and consumables – accounts, payment data, proxies, phone numbers;
  • Job specifics. You will have to learn to work with anonymity and moderation, to understand the peculiarities of pouring from large sources. You will not be able to quickly learn how to profitably pour in two weeks;
  • Application is suitable only for lead generation. For other tasks RRS-traffic is not particularly suitable. For example, to increase attendance or recognition, it is better to pay for shows.

What will become of the PPC this year?

Cookie ban

From January 2024, a testing phase has begun with 1% of users who will no longer be tracked by third-party cookies. This will be rolled out to all Google users within a year.

We advise you to rely on your own data and develop a new tracking and targeting strategy.

Use of Search Ads Toggle in TikTok

In Q3 2023, TikTok rolled out the Search Ads Toggle feature globally, which gives advertisers the ability to show ad content for relevant user queries alongside regular search results in the TikTok search engine.

Bing usability

Based on Statista data, 1.1 billion users use Bing as a search engine. Microsoft’s ads have reached 63 million people, making it another attractive platform, it would be suitable for advertising campaigns targeting an older audience, as 40% of the audience is between the ages of 35 and 54. Due to fewer competitors compared to Google, it can be beneficial for those arbitrageurs with small advertising budgets. 


It is worth paying attention to the feature that Google has introduced. It allows you to create more effective combinations of headlines and descriptions. And also automatically create different text variants based on the ad context, keywords, effectiveness and content of the landing page.

Using voice control

This year, it’s worth focusing on optimizing PPC campaigns for voice search to reach audiences using the technology on their smartphones, smart speakers, and virtual assistants. When users interact with voice assistants, they tend to ask questions in a conversational manner using long sentences. Hence, it is worth working on the keys and adapting them to voice input.

Combining with SEO

When users type a query into Google, they see paid search results and regular search results. You can combine PPC and SEO strategies together to make your advertising campaign as effective as possible.


PPC is a sought-after traffic source in affiliate marketing. Advertisers and affiliate networks love it for its high quality and webmasters for its large payouts. It is mostly associated with traffic from Google, but the pay-per-click advertising model is not only in this source. PPC is supported not only by search engines, but also by banner, teaser, social and push networks. It will be difficult for beginners to handle this source alone, it is better to work with a team. This will help to reduce spending, training time and nerves. We wish you good luck!


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