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The CPA#1 partner network, like many now, is actively testing neuronet. AI is now a powerful tool for generating creatives, copywriting, traffic analysis and forecasting. But how can you use them to increase your efficiency? Which neural networks are better for webmasters to use? We are sorting it out.

Neuronets  for website development


Automated website builder, hosting and page loading speed accelerator that automatically improves the performance of your projects and their main characteristics. This platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals.


An application for creating websites or landing pages using a smartphone. The app is available for download on Google Play or AppStore. A simple interface, a single control panel for content, design and general site settings. One of the features of Webullar is its ability to adapt to changes in user behavior and take into account new factors that may affect the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 

Neuronets  for analytics


A neural network with free access for managing advertising campaigns on the Internet, monitoring and tracking statistics. CLEVR AI has powerful tools for analyzing large amounts of data, which allows webmasters to get valuable insights about user behaviour. It can also help identify the most profitable strategies and increase profits.


Analyzes the advertising campaign, and allows you to track conversions from different traffic sources. It helps to avoid traffic drawdown. Segmentstream can be used for the automatic optimization of landing pages. AI can also monitor competitors, which allows you to determine which campaigns work best and which strategies competitors use.

Neuronets for creating creatives


Creates unique images on request. The first 25 generations are free. Each image can be re-sent for revision.


The free image generator from text allows you to remove the background, and add text or filters for free.


Generates various advertising formats. The tool is able to come up with a plot for a YouTube video, create a custom Instagram campaign or write headlines for social networks, ads, and websites.

Neuronets  for SEO and copywriting


The platform is a content generator that can create a product description, keyword text, and a table of contents for an article.


A program for creating optimized content that searches for keywords determines their positions in Google search results and analyzes the data obtained to compile a detailed brief of the article.

Language Tool

Neural network for advanced spell checking, punctuation and stylistics of articles written in any language. The AI also selects synonyms for words and paraphrases sentences.

Neuronets for generating leads and increasing sales


Free active user database generator. Functions: GEO search, manual search settings, selection of active users.


A sales automation service that collects emails, phone numbers,

Whatsapp profiles for sending messages, as well as audio and video calls.

Summing up, I would like to say that neuronets and machine learning can significantly improve the efficiency of your work. But do not forget that they are just tools that help automate and speed up work. Yes, the use of neural networks in traffic arbitration can be very useful, but they are not a panacea and will not replace your own analytics and intuition. Use them wisely and don’t forget to think with your head.


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