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Unfortunately, pouring traffic without the help of various tools is becoming more difficult: blocks, limits, duration and many more things that a webmaster faces in the process of work. But fortunately, along with the problems, there are also ways to solve them.

In this article we will tell you about services that will make it easier for affiliates to attract traffic, optimize advertising campaigns and increase conversion rates. Take note!


A tool that will help you with tracking, managing and optimizing your traffic. With the help of a tracker you can optimize your advertising campaigns, filter out ineffective sources of traffic, manage your budget and replace creatives that do not give good results. 

  1. AdsBridge – the ability to set up absolutely accurate redirection of traffic to the necessary offers, lendings, taking into account the percentage distribution between them. Splitting will help to determine the most effective among them. Since this service has an option to automatically optimize campaigns, it will greatly facilitate your work.
  2. Binom – a self-hosted tracker with absolute leadership in terms of click processing speed and report building. The tracker itself is in English, but if there are any difficulties, the Russian-speaking support is always on call.
  3. CpaTracker – a service with an analytical link management system: it tracks visitors without installing a counter and counts customers who do not wait for the site to load, counts conversions to VKontakte, Facebook and Youtube pages. Automatically receives information from Yandex.Direct, VKontakte, Teasernet, myTarget and 58 other advertising networks.
  4. Keitaro – a self-hosted tracker. It helps in optimizing advertising campaigns, tracks the effectiveness of attracting traffic, protects pages from bots and much more. One of the key features of the service is hide click, which is the backbone of cloak.
  5. PeerClick –  a tracker that allows you to track and optimize advertising campaigns. From the advantages: fast redirection, anti-fraud protection, traffic autodistribution and much more.

Anti-Detect Browsers

Anti-detect browsers provide privacy for webmasters. They allow you to work with multiple advertising accounts. To avoid getting banned, be sure to use this tool.

  1. Indigo Browser – can facilitate your work with modern solutions when working solo or in a team. There are two versions: based on Chrome and Firefox. Proprietary fingerprint database, turbo customization, the service is integrated with multiple proxy providers, which will simplify setup and procurement. 
  2. Undetectable – provides a high level of anonymity online and helps you avoid being blocked and detected on websites.
  3. Dolphin {anty} – а browser designed for affiliate marketing on FB*, TikTok and Google. Powered by Chrome, spoofs digital fingerprints, allows you to keep different accounts in different tabs. Up to 10 accounts on a free plan.
  4. Linken Sphere – a browser with maximum anonymity. It’s based on Chrome. You can prepare fingerprints yourself, manually. There are many other settings for customization to the maximum. Even the developers of the service don’t save your login details, for the sake of security (so don’t forget your password). Also, you can only pay for it with Bitcoin.

SPY services

A tool that allows you to monitor the activities of competitors: to see competitors’ creatives, where they pour traffic, how they choose target audiences. Analyzing other people’s developments, it is easier to improve your own creatives and increase conversion rates several times.

  1. SpyOver – a service for monitoring and analyzing teaser ads. It has a function of mass download of ads, translation of text into English, sorting by trends, date, time of life.
  2. AdHeart – the service has more than 1 billion creos in its database. Wide search filters: by keywords, GEO, domains, FB* pages, formats and many other parameters. You can track all advertiser’s campaigns, monitor ad statistics, campaign start and end dates. There is a built-in translator.
  3. AdPlexity – monitoring of different types of advertising (native; desktop; push; eCommerce; mobile; adult). The service is best suited for burgees, but in general there are no GEO bans. Searches for lendings, banners, teasers, preloads, in-apps. Tracks more than 100 popular grids.
  4. SpyWords – service is convenient for analyzing contextual advertising and search promotion of competitors. 
  5. Admobispy – service for finding creatives and working bundles. Search by 180 countries (countries depend on the selected tariff) with a large number of filters.

Making Creatives

Converting creatives are an important part of a good advertising campaign, and here’s where you can create them:

  1. Canva – a service for creating and designing images for VKontakte, Instagram*, Facebook*, presentations, infographics, etc. The interface is clear and it is quite convenient to work with the service, the big plus is the availability of ready-made templates. The main part of the service’s tools is free.
  2. Foto Ump – a photo editor that contains a lot of tools for working with graphics and allows you to create a creo in 2 minutes. The service works together with the photo stock “Unsplash”.
  3. PIXLR – the service offers a large set of tools, layer-by-layer editing, just like PS. Generation of images with the help of artificial intelligence. The service supports most picture extensions. The trial period is free for 7 days.

Finding the target audience

  1. TargetHunter – a popular service for audience selection. Smart audience search by specified parameters, monitoring of audience interests, more than 150 search and analytics tools.
  2. Pepper.ninja – parser for social networks. With the help of cool algorithms, it searches for communities and analyzes subscribers by specified categories.
  3. Similarweb – a very useful tool for affiliates. It shows traffic sources, helps in finding conversion ads, analyzing the site, niche and much more.

Website analytics

  1. AllPositions –  a rather old and simple online service for capturing positions for key queries in Yandex and Google. But behind the not very user-friendly interface hides a functional working tool. 
  2. SeoLib – all SEO-tools in one service, checking positions, links and site trust, selection of keywords, checking indexation and search for relevant pages. A special feature is the support of tools that can be used to study links, queries and keywords.

When choosing a service to make your work easier, 3 things are important: to study the functionality, look at user reviews and, of course, try the selected tool in business. It’s hard to say whether a single service can guarantee 100% success. But the right tool will definitely bring you closer to the desired result.

We can highlight the following advantages of such services in affiliate marketing:

  • Provide more accurate targeting and the widest possible reach of the target audience without losing the quality of conversions;
  • Allow you to automate many processes, get rid of repetitive tasks and concentrate on several offers without losing efficiency;
  • Reduce time and material costs for testing advertising campaigns, separate lendings and creatives;
  • Reduce the cost per conversion.


To sum up, it is important to note: different services help to solve different tasks.

At the same time, some of them will be a higher priority for you than others. Some give you the opportunity to optimize traffic, improving its quality, while others increase the effectiveness of advertising and reduce the time for testing bundles. Well, and the third ones – to preserve anonymity and confidentiality of information. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy a subscription all at once – rely on your tasks, choose what you need first of all. To maximize the efficiency of your work, you need to stay on trend, keep up with new developments on the market, and listen when someone speaks about the tools you use at a conference.

When choosing any service, you should read reviews and case studies, evaluate costs and benefits, and be sure to ask your coworkers what they use.


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