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Every year the gambling industry is growing: the popularity of traffic sources is constantly changing, and webmasters are finding new and more promising GEOs in terms of income and ease of methods of working with traffic. In the article we will analyze which countries continue to be in the top from year to year, and which ones are gaining momentum and will become the discoveries of 2024.

  1. Canada

Canada is not a densely populated country, yet it is the second largest in the world (after Russia).

Of the 100% of Canadians, 75% will be involved in one way or another in gambling and the gambling industry in general. And the popularity in Canada are offline casinos, which are visited by both locals and visitors from America (gambling is illegal in some U.S. states). 

Features of the Canadian audience:

  • Gambling among Canadians is considered something commonplace, ordinary;
  • On holidays here they often give lottery tickets even to children, which shows the loyal attitude of the audience to gambling;
  • According to various surveys, about 35% of the country’s residents expect to save for their old age at the expense of gambling.
  • The Canadian government has a good attitude towards gambling. In this GEO there are no strict laws prohibiting gambling, so the audience is appropriately attuned to the niche gambling. That is, you can steadily convert traffic.
  1. Chile

The Republic of Chile is a Spanish-speaking country in South America, nestled on a narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain system.

The most popular gambling game in this GEO is the lottery. In addition, Chileans like to play online poker, blackjack, electronic roulette and video bingo. But the first and most honorable place is occupied by slots, so there are many sites all over the country where you can play. All legal casinos in Chile have huge halls with famous slot machines. However, more and more Chileans are going to online. 

Features of the Chilean audience:

  • The gambling market in Chile is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2020-2026;
  • Local residents’ gambling interest in the online sphere;
  • Average salary in Chile is around $1300.

At the moment, there is excellent potential for gambling in Chile, the GEO is convertible. Despite the fact that the country is considered Tier-3, users are ready to actively make deposits, they love excitement and entertainment. With the right approach, it is possible to achieve a huge profit.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and Latin America, both in terms of territory and population (218 million). Brazil’s most populous states, including São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, represent a concentrated target audience for affiliate marketing.

One of the key factors driving GEO Brazil’s potential as an iGaming market is the high percentage of the population living in metropolitan areas (87%). Also an important aspect is the widespread internet penetration among Brazilians (86%).

Features of the Brazilian audience:

  • GEO has the largest population in Latin America, which provides a huge audience for campaigns;
  • Brazilian culture is closely tied to sports, especially soccer. This passion for sports opens up opportunities to launch gambling on Brazil;
  • Brazilians love outdoor activities and gambling, which makes them receptive to iGaming offers.
  1. Peru

A state in South America. Peru is the 3rd largest country after Brazil and Argentina. The capital and the largest city is Lima. Spanish is spoken by 89% of the population, Aymara, Quechua and other local languages are also used in areas where they are prevalent.

Peruvians are active users of the Internet, more than 50% of the population spend at least 4 hours a day on the network, mainly through mobile connections. However, its speed leaves much to be desired – this should be kept in mind when preparing creatives with voluminous videos and animations. Peru is a cheap GEO, so the tests come out on budget.

Features of the Peruvian audience:

  • The population of the state lives a low-income life;
  • The population prefers to play at foreign online casinos;
  • More than half of internet searches in Peru are from laptops and PCs, and only 40% are from cell phones;
  • Betting is the traditional format of communication in the GEO, hence the popularity of gambling, slots and cards. 

Among all Latam countries, Peru is the first to have officially authorized casinos. Legalized, among other things, is online gambling. But gamblers prefer offshore casinos, as local establishments do not inspire confidence.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is a small highly urbanized island-city-state in Southeast Asia, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is a small but well-developed and wealthy country in Asia and ranks 11th among all countries in terms of living standards.

The competition in this market is quite high. Social networks in Singapore are used by people from 19 to 25 years old. Residents of Singapore can boast a fairly high level of income. However, it is quite expensive to live in this Asian GEO. 

Features of the Singaporean audience:

  • About 5 million citizens go online every day. Mobile traffic is used by more than 4 million active internet users;
  • Games such as poker, betting, gambling, casinos and lotteries are allowed in Singapore;
  • 4 official languages: English, Standard Chinese (Mandarin), Malay and Tamil;
  • It is difficult to surprise the citizens by advertising in this GEO, so you will have to try hard on the creo.

Singapore is a rather complicated GEO with a high cost per 1 click, so it is better to enter it if you are already an experienced affiliate and have a suitable budget for this country.


Choosing a GEO in 2024 is a tricky business. Many affiliates don’t pay attention to new countries and prefer the old trusted ones. We have told you about 5 countries that are worth pouring traffic to in the gambling vertical. Try, test and find your top GEO!


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